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  • Cactus
    Restaurant & Grill, Bar & Wellness, Rege apres & Ski bar
    The company Cactus altogether represents three branches: Restaurant & Grill, Bar & Wellness a Rege apres & Ski bar. In Eastern Slovakia all three...
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  • Kvások
    Traditional bakery since 1991
    Kvások is Bratislava's bakery, where bread is baked in the traditional way according to a certified old recipe of grandmas. Bread is made from the...
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  • 13 Bytes
    Design studio
    13 Bytes is a design studio of visual communication founded by Daniel Hutňan in 2012. We propose design solutions for print, the savvy product...
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  • Your Day
    Coffee & Cake
    Your Day - coffee & cake is a new café in the centre of Bardejov designed in French vintage. It offers high quality products, especially delicious...
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  • BeeGym
    Train hard, no excuses!
    BeeGym is a company dedicated to selling nutritional supplements and advisory services in the field of weight loss and muscle gain. They offer in...
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